Sorry but I can’t stop to chat, I’m busy with the frantic rolling of alts to try out all the Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition heads. For the two of you out there who don’t already know, one of the bonus items for the Collector’s Edition of the game is a new headpiece to customise the head of your character, that’s your arse if you’re of the Destruction persuasion. Ha, ha, burn on you, you people of viridescent epidermis. This can be applied to existing characters too, simply grab the bonus item from an in-game mailbox and take it to any merchant that can dye armour. In the dye armour window is an additional box that you can drop your item into and see how it looks on your character; if you like the new style, simply click apply to keep it.

The High Elves have a fairly nifty Illidan blindfold, as you can see here on Hudson’s post.

But I had to roll a dwarf, because as readers will know I have a deeply unhealthy attraction to the race of dwarfs, and they get, well they get… oh crikey, I think I’m getting all over-excited in the trouser department again.

A beer barrel in a beard.

Beer barrel in a beard!


Ahem. Oh my. Please excuse me for a few moments.

6 thoughts on “Brewmaster.

  1. Sean

    Wish I could play on a EU server…would be fun to hook up with some of my fellow bloggers from across the pond…I should have the game by next weekend, cannot wait!

    Now I am thinking I should have gone ahead and got the Collectors Edition…oh well.

  2. Melmoth

    The Collector’s Edition is definitely worth it if you can find a copy, and I believe there are still copies out there to be had. The whole package is very well presented, with the art book and graphic novel being ‘most excellent’ as I believe the Wyld Stallions would say.

    I think you have, in Casualties of War, one of the more impressive collections of bloggers in a game so far. Of course I can’t blame you for wanting to be on this side of the pond, because we may not dominate our server in PvP, but we do wear top hats and drink lots of tea whilst fighting; it’s all very gentilesse don’t you know, what, what.

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