Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

I dreamt a dream the other night

On my way to bed last night, I shoved up a quick Twitter update (I believe this is known as a “tweet”, but I think “twit” works better myself): “To sleep, perchance to dream of activation confirmation e-mails”. This morning, I woke up, and sure enough, in the inbox, a mail saying the WAR beta account was active!

And then I woke up. And I thought “hurray, I’m in the WAR beta! But… I haven’t actually checked my e-mail yet. B’oh, it was just a dream.” So I grabbed my trusty N810, opened my inbox, and… a confirmation mail, hurrah!

And then I woke up. And I thought “huzzah, I’m in the WAR beta! But… I haven’t checked… have I? Or have I…” That was confusing for a while, after a couple of minutes I decided I really was awake, but honestly, I had dreamed about dreaming about WAR beta confirmation e-mails. So I grabbed my trusty N810, and… nothing. Not even an offer for b4rga1n ph4rm4cy.

A quick browse of the old forums suggested people had had some success with making repeated applications, so I thought I’d give it a quick go before heading in to work. With a slightly blurry printed code, I also tried a couple of variations of “B” and “8” and “D” and “O”, just in case. Off for a shower, and after that, an e-mail! From The WAR Team! Woo! Wait a minute… “Registration issue”… “Your code hasn’t been registered”. Hrm. It was one of the backup attempts, with a “B” instead of what I was fairly sure was an “8”. So I filled the form in a couple more times and got dressed. About to head out the door, nothing, so I filled out one last ditch application and shut the PC down. On my way out of the door, the e-mail notification on the N810 started flashing, and… “Registration confirmation”. In the name of Sigmar, it looks like I’m in!