Daily Archives: September 17, 2008

Send three and fourpence.

Just how big is the Warhamer Online Collector’s Edition box?

No seriously, that’s not rhetorical, how big is it? It’s just that it turned up this morning, I decided to circumnavigate around it and I’m still going; I think I’m somewhere in East Asia because there are orangutans hanging from the trees over there.

Just in case people think I’m exagerating that it’s big (ok, I am exagerating for effect; I’m allowed, it’s what I do) here’s a comparison with a Wii and a 47″ LCD TV:

Kick Out The Jams

Warhammer is all very well for violence, conflict, life-or-death struggle and light raffia work, but sometimes you just want to sit back, have a nice cup of tea and KICK OUT THE JAMS, PERSON WHO ENGAGES IN INAPPROPRIATE MATRIARCHAL RELATIONS!

[This post has been classified as ’12’ by the BBFC for mild satirical references to the edited versions of songs in Guitar Hero games]

Though some of you foreign types have been Rocking in a Band since somewhere around the early 14th century (using game-time, “last year” if you prefer conventional chronology), and are even now Rocking in a Band 2 if you’re of the XBoxier persuasion, the Wii version of the first Rock Band has only just come out here in the UK. Bollocks to that, if you’ll forgive my Sex Pistols, but salvation is to hand with Guitar Hero World Tour only a couple of months away, and they’ve just released the full song list. Plenty of lovely rock there, including a re-recording of the the titular MC5 classic, just leaving the ever so slightly Herculean task of persuading my wife that a plastic drum kit would be a lovely accessory in the living room…