Daily Archives: September 19, 2008

Music Catch

For a while now I’ve been marking items in Google Reader thinking “ooh, must come back and check that out properly”. What I’ve neglected to do is ever actually go back and check them out again, so I’ve resolved, most firmly, to maybe have a quick look now and again to at least de-star slightly more than I star, otherwise by 2017 I’ll have roughly six billion articles I really, really must read. And a good thing too, when one of the first things I get back to is an RPS article about Music Catch, a most excellent game of music. And catching. Vaguely along the lines of Audiosurf and stuff of that ilk, in the sense that it involves music and waving a mouse around, the online version features some nice, calming piano that’ll be just the ticket for winding down after running around setting fire to a bunch of stuff. Lovely.


Sorry but I can’t stop to chat, I’m busy with the frantic rolling of alts to try out all the Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition heads. For the two of you out there who don’t already know, one of the bonus items for the Collector’s Edition of the game is a new headpiece to customise the head of your character, that’s your arse if you’re of the Destruction persuasion. Ha, ha, burn on you, you people of viridescent epidermis. This can be applied to existing characters too, simply grab the bonus item from an in-game mailbox and take it to any merchant that can dye armour. In the dye armour window is an additional box that you can drop your item into and see how it looks on your character; if you like the new style, simply click apply to keep it.

The High Elves have a fairly nifty Illidan blindfold, as you can see here on Hudson’s post.

But I had to roll a dwarf, because as readers will know I have a deeply unhealthy attraction to the race of dwarfs, and they get, well they get… oh crikey, I think I’m getting all over-excited in the trouser department again.

A beer barrel in a beard.

Beer barrel in a beard!


Ahem. Oh my. Please excuse me for a few moments.