It is the opinion of the author that the legislators in the European Union are a bunch of clueless idiots.

As such, and as a UK hosted website, here is a page explaining how KiaSA uses cookies and other methods of tracking on this website, in order to comply with the current shockingly ignorant implementation of an EU law.

KiaSA runs on the WordPress platform, and as such uses first party cookies in order to provide the correct operation of that publishing platform. These cookies are set and determined by the WordPress publishing system, and have not been altered in any way by the authors of KiaSA.

Prior to the advent of Indoctrinated Internet Idiocy being cast as law, KiaSA was running the WordPress Stats and StatCounter plugins. It is our understanding that these use third party cookies to track individuals across sites. Being forced to ask every reader of this site to opt-in to third party cookies being set, when every modern web browser has already built-in the functionality to opt-out of such cookies, is more effort than it’s worth, and, frankly, stupid as all arsing hell. As such, we have disabled WordPress Stats and turned off cookies for StatCounter’s service, using their ‘cookie-opt-out’ option from the control panel.

They shall remain in this state until such a time as this whole shocking mess has been resolved. Hopefully for the better. Preferably with the public flogging of the people responsible for the application of this law in its current form.

Implied consent: if you use this blog and attempt to post comments, you are presumed to have given consent to the use of cookies for those purposes (and only those).

KiaSA may also occasionally use pictures of cookies, but we don’t think you’ll mind those, and they’re pretty self-evident. See if you can spot the picture of a cookie cunningly hidden in this post.

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