Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

Everybody thinks they got a genius

iTunes popped up last night eagerly proffering version 8 of itself, like a puppy with a slipper (if the slipper was a more advanced version of the puppy itself, which would be a bit weird). Having seen a bit about the “Genius” playlist feature I thought I’d give it a quick try, and unsurprisingly “Genius” is overselling it a bit, though it is catchier than the new “Stuff Of A Vaguely Similar Genre” playlist. After a few fairly uninspired attempts I thought I’d see what it made of Edwin Starr’s War (huh! Good god, y’all), and it came back with a playlist of…

WAR Pigs by Black (Orc) Sabbath
Civil WAR
(Sword)Masters of WAR
Victim of Change(r of Ways) by Judas (Rune)Priest
Such Great Heights (and the resultant falling damage) by Iron(breaker) and Wine
The Drunken Engineer
If I Had A Hammerer
Witch Hunter (a cover of Witch Doctor: ooh eee ooh ah ah REPENT NOW, HERETIC, OR SUFFER THE FLAMES OF RIGHTOUSNESS bing bang wallah wallah KABOOM)
Iron(breaker) Like A (White) Lion In Zion
Round the Marble Arch(mage)
Moonlight Shadow (Warrior)
Bright (Wizard) Eyes, leading into the Bright Wizard medley of…
Disco Inferno
The Difference Between You And Me Is I’m Not On Fire

OK, so I’m lying, it just came back with a bunch of other Motown stuff, but never mind…