Declaration of WAR

Yesterday morning the KIASA Ambassador in Dublin handed GOA and Mythic a final note stating that, unless we heard from them by 3 o’clock that the servers would not be available, a state of WAR would exist. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received and that consequently this blog is at WAR.

Melmoth’s post more or less covers everything I was going to say about the launch of Warhammer, but apparently quoting an entire post verbatim and adding “this” at the end is frowned on by the International Blog Standards Agency. The only difference in opinion is from when GOA initially instituted the asynchronous method of validating open beta keys; I was convinced this was being done by punching the user input onto cards and feeding everything into a Hollerith tabulating machine, though I now can’t get the Lovecraftian image of the multi-limbed corpse of Rude Goldberg out of my mind, and believe me I’ve tried. Everything went very smoothly, no server problems, no serious bugs, just an awful lot of WAR (at this point I am contractually obliged to exclaim “huh!”, and inquire what it might be good for). No queues as Order on the main server, where it was great to meet up and rampage around with a bunch of guild people, though I briefly popped over to create a Destruction character on the server Rock, Paper, Shotgun have gone for, and wound up in a fairly long queue so gave up on that. All in all, a rating of 9.2 on the splendid-o-meter, which ranks as slightly less splendid than hanging out with splendid people at Games Day, but considerably more splendid than being pursued through tunnels under the Seine (or possibly Liffey) by a multi-limbed Goldbergzombie.

3 thoughts on “Declaration of WAR

  1. Zoso

    Huh, most odd. Bummer. Have you tried re-installing from the original download, if you still have that? (No idea if that would help, but it’s the extent of my troubleshooting past “have you tried turning it off and on again?”) (EDIT: ah, that might’ve been the problem to start with. Hoom. Never mind, then.)

    If you want a name or two reserving in the meantime, drop us a line.

  2. DM Osbon

    I think I made the fatal error of unistalling the beta client – don’t ask me why! I still have the orginal .exe etc but reinstalling then having the mythic patcher check all files only serves to give me the patch error.

    As long as get the game to me on the 18th, I’ll be happy enough.

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