Monday 9 March 2009

Unlike the Murphys…

… I’m Seriously Bitter. At least according to my latest title, for completing all ten of the Bitter Rivals tasks in WAR. I’d predicted, based on complex scientific reasoning, that there would be a lot of grind involved in Bitter Rivals and I was almost right, apart from being totally wrong in every respect. Bitter Rivals has involved almost no grind at all, a fairly familiar set of tasks (doing a PQ, killing a number of players, participating in the new Twisting Tower scenario and throwing a few pies there, /swearing at all the enemy careers etc.) being wrapped up in short order. The Twisting Tower is a slightly confusing scenario, I still haven’t really got my bearings in it (maybe that’s the idea), but a change is as good as a rest and all that. The event rewards aren’t wildly inspiring, a couple of titles and a new siege weapon, though of course there is the chance to roll a Choppa or Slayer a week early. All in all a little on the lightweight side purely as an event, but with all the other patch 1.2 changes plenty to be going on with before Day of the Slayerchoppas.

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