Wednesday 25 March 2009

April Fools’ Day head start begins today.

KiaSA Industries is pleased to announce that those of you who took part in the Crazy Foo’ live event throughout all of last week, and who qualify for the head start for our latest Real Life[TM] patch, can now access April Fools’ Day content a week early.

  • Avoid the annoyances of a day of unfunny April Fools’ jokes by holding your April Fools’ Day a full week ahead of other RL players!
  • Genuinely surprise friends and family by springing April Fools’ pranks on them up to a week before they would be expecting it.
  • Be the first, be the best, be the premier April Fool!

We hoped you all enjoyed the Crazy Foo’ live event, and we have plenty of other live events planned for the future, in fact look for an early access head start on Easter Egg collecting for the end of April!

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