Tuesday 3 March 2009

Phoney WAR

Our Warhammer server seemed to have settled into something of a Phoney War in the run-up to Patch 1.2. It’s not a terribly populous server (there isn’t a giant hand from above that raises and flattens the landscape or a giant ankh that everyone gravitates towards), we get a decent turnout for big RvR pushes but it’s fairly quiet apart from that, and it seems to have been even quieter still over the last couple of weeks. With all the goodies coming in 1.2 and shortly after I imagine some people are over on the test server, and others are waiting for the opportunity to roll up their Slayer or Choppa. Personally I’ve been stockpiling cheap items to salvage, as gold dust (a component required in talisman making) has recently been like… er… something that’s unusual and desirable and difficult to get hold of, I’m sure there must be an appropriate simile. Patch 1.2 includes a fairly major crafting overhaul, though, so I’m hoping to churn out a few more talismans after that.

The guild has also been quiet, to the point that in the last week we merged with another guild; it was a shame to hit the “Leave” button, Insult to Injury have been a great bunch, but as one door closes, another opens. If you tie them together with a bit of string. And they both open the right way; I mean, obviously if they both open inwards then it won’t work, and if they both open outwards then neither will open and you’ll be trapped, but, assuming one opens in, one opens out, and other conditions are met, then that second door definitely opens. Or you’re going through an airlock! That’s a better example. Forget the string, as one door of the airlock closes, the other opens. Well, slightly after, once the pressure has equalised and everything. So long as HAL can’t lip read. Anyway! New guild is looking good, and busier, with a bit of luck we might be able to revisit the halcyon days of a full guild warband tromping around and smiting Destruction.

Speaking of Destruction, I guess they decided to hold a Last Day Of 1.1 party, as logging in last night for a quick auction check before bed found Dragonwake under heavy attack, Destruction locking the zone not long after I got there; for some reason, the carefully honed Order tactics of “rush out from the warcamp into overwhelming numbers of the enemy” failed to prevent zone capture (in fact they were probably instrumental in giving Destruction the final few VPs they needed), but it was rather fun. Racing back to Eataine we all piled into a keep and mounted some magnificently spirited resistance, though they broke the doors down our tank wall held firm, Bright Wizard AoE spells being particularly effective in the confined spaces. All rather enjoyable and boding well for some Bitter Rivalry in today’s (or tomorrow’s, presuming we’re following the usual day-after-the-US timing) Bitter Rivals event.

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