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There’s a shiny trailer out for Warhammer 40K Online including the famous strapline “In the future, there is only war”. Amongst myriad online shooters and strategy games that offer little apart from never-ending conflict, isn’t one of the things that sets MMOGs apart the fact that they offer options apart from war?

Still, I suppose the alternative wasn’t so catchy: “In the future, there is only war. And crafting. In the future, there is only war and crafting. And an almost fanatical devotion to cosmetic hats. In the future, there is… I’ll come in again.”

9 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Capn John

    What if there is no crafting in the WH40K MMO? What if there’s no grinding? What if there are no levels and characters only get more powerful by upgrading their gear? What if there are no Instances, and no battlegrounds (not like in WoW, well, maybe something like WG), so the only actual playing you do is via 1st/3rd person shoot outs with the other faction?

    I imagine something like Halo on a much larger scale, featuring fire fights that pit hundreds of players against each other. Heck, if you can have hundreds of players & NPCs running around Dalaran simultaneously, how hard would it be to let them shoot each other? Ok, yes, I know it’s called Lagaran for a reason, but if it didn’t have half the flashy textures it wouldn’t be so laggy.

    In the future there is no color. We find it cuts down on the lag.

  2. Zoso Post author

    Spanish? Heresy! Imperial!

    @Capn John: Along the lines of Planetside? Would certainly be interesting, and as many have pointed out it would be very difficult to fit a lot of the traditional MMOG tropes around Space Marines (killing ten space-rats, hanging around an auction house… crafting might work with the Adeptus Mechanicus, though). I’m just not sure an only-war shooter is something to really keep players invested for long periods, but you never know. APB might be instructive to see how such a game will fare.

  3. Stabs

    I’m kind of hoping for a squad based game. MMORTS, along the lines of Shattered Galaxy (or going back UFO: Enemy Unknown).

    I’m tired of pfaffing around with shoulder armour and belts. I want to have to outfit a team of people, one with a heavy bolter, 2 with light ion rifles, one with a heavy radio etc.

  4. Zoso Post author

    Well if there’s one setting where extreme shoulder armour makes sense…

    Squad based would make a change all right, and a bit of Enemy Unknown would improve anything, but I really couldn’t get into Dawn of War 2 with its small-scale focus that would be much more MMOG-able than the first one.

  5. Brianz

    I would hope that you get drafted into a squad in WH:40k. When you create a character you are pre-placed into a squad and are placed in a lonely ass outpost for 3 months then given a month’s leave then reassigned. Why do we have to create our role-playing or game experience? Perhaps they should just force upon us the commands of some unseen commander and we execute missions according to that. You can interact with outside players at your R&R location and then in general fuck around with the same 20-100 guys out on your fucking shit- hole assignment of a planet. you can beat each other to shit when you are aren’t being attacked or on patrol or whatever.

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