Life imitates art far more than art imitates life

I think Bioware are taking the Rakghoul Plague event in Star Wars: The Old Republic a bit too far. Shortly after contracting the in-game plague that causes your character to become feverish and start vomiting, I managed to to contract some sort of out-of-game unpleasantness causing a fever and vomiting. Coincidence?

Well, probably. But I’m avoiding Tatooine for a while, just in case.

5 thoughts on “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life

  1. ArcherAvatar

    Some subtle form of mind control? The power of subliminal suggestion?
    Spewiness is only the first step in BioWare’s master plan to take over the world! Wait… that’s the first step? C’mon guys! We’re going for world domination here… do we really have to make them spew? I mean… the clean up… and smell…

    Coincidence is what happens when there is absolutely no human agency involved…

    (get well soon)

  2. Vic Sandman

    Sounds nasty, and completely like Bioware…those rat bastards, they would package a genetically engineered bacterium designed to attack on a certain date into the game box! It forces their clients to stay home from work and school and play more ToR! We have a conspiracy here fellas!

    But on a serious note, get better soon, Zoso. And don’t eat any part of the game packaging.

  3. Zoso Post author

    Ta, reckon I’m over the worst of it now. Managed to eat a couple of bowls of soup, which is progress.

    Hang on, I’m just about recovered, and the plague event ends today? Proof! Proof, I tell you!

  4. Oghma Eh

    Let me know when you become Force Sensitive.

    I’m more than willing to become your Padawan or Apprentice. I don’t judge and have a somewhat flexible morality.


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