Never was anything great achieved without danger.

“Melmoth throws himself fully in to the method of a newbie, going so far as to pretend for half the instance that he doesn’t realise hunters get a frost trap. Even when he finally ‘remembers’, getting a polymorph penguin frozen in the trap is clearly not a mistake, we are just taking a ‘belt and braces’ approach to crowd control. All we need now is a rogue to sap the frozen polymorphed mob to make really sure he’s not going to cause trouble.”

Tiger Ears provides a splendid and light-hearted possible explanation as to why I don’t often get invited to the cool kids’ parties. However, I would have it known that Zoso used to play a Rogue in World of Warcraft but is currently abstaining from the game; so you see it’s not that I’m a total noob, it is in fact all just part of Melmoth’s Master Machination.


3 thoughts on “Never was anything great achieved without danger.

  1. Zoso

    I’m sure I could’ve enlivened things no end with my patented “what do you mean I have to be in stealth to sap?” technique…

    … wait a minute, I see what you two are doing!

  2. Melmoth Post author

    I’d also like to point out that I deliberately froze the penguin in ice to make it feel more at home.

    And it’s certainly not the case that I’ve only just now thought of this excuse.

    Reason! Not an excuse. A reason. It was all part of the plan.

    Oh, I’m such a noob.

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