Daily Archives: November 21, 2008

Heavy Metal Farmer

Here in Europe we’re just starting on Day 3 of the Heavy Metal event in WAR, and it’s going pretty well after getting over the initial disappointment of logging in to find it wasn’t really a massive Black Sabbath concert with an RvR lake of a mosh pit (turns out Ozzy’s really more of a WoW man. Though after watching the advert, I’m not entirely sure he’s fully aware of what WoW is. Or where he is. Or what year it is. No change there, then.) Still, there’s Guitar Hero World Tour for that which continues to be excellent, though after really looking forward to Love Me Two Times I promptly failed when it came up, those guitar trills are tricky! But anyway…

After a bit of a grindfest in the last event, I was slightly worried about what sort of tasks we might be faced with, but day 1: “take part in the new Reikland Factory scenario” was easy enough, the only obstacle being the length of time in a queue for it. I suspect something might not have quite been working as intended, as I’m sure both sides would have been signing up for it in numbers, but unfortunately a couple of guildmates never saw it pop at all over the course of an evening. Day 2, complete three stages of a public quest (any public quest) was also straightforward. Seems like a good idea to encourage people back into PQs, though I slightly went against the spirit of things as I didn’t have too much time by zapping back to Tier 1 and soloing a PQ there. From the list of forthcoming tasks over at Waaagh!, it doesn’t seem to get much more time consuming, either. Not that it really matters, as I’m not too fussed about starting a Knight a week early, so just two thirds of the tasks should be enough for the shiny cloak reward, but it doesn’t look like too much farming will be needed after all. I couldn’t miss the opportunity of getting a Bad News song in the title, though, all together now: “I’m a heavy metal farmer, I’ve got lots of heavy metal animals…” (Note to Activision/Harmonix: Bad News downloadable content, sure fire winner!)

Have I Got MMOnews For You

Host: And the final round is “Continue the Headline”. This week, teams, it’s some rugby news: “Northampton Saints have completed the signing of hooker Brett Sharman from South African side Blue Bulls.”

Zoso: “Northampton director of rugby Jim Mallinder said: “we felt we really needed to get that Windfury buff on the melee DPS group in… wait, Sharman? Dammit.””

Melmoth: “… it took WoW fanfic aficionados several moments to realise that Google’s “Did you mean?” suggestion was a little off the mark from their original ‘half-breed Draenei/Tauren shaman prostitutes’ search.”

Host: Goodnight!

Studio lights dim, theme tune plays.