Have I Got MMOnews For You

Host: This week, teams, news that a study into “games transfer phenomena” has caused an outbreak of “misleading sensationalist headline phenomena“. Have you got any examples of gaming bleeding through into reality?

Melmoth: I found myself performing a repetitive series of tasks in exchange for remuneration once and thought I was experiencing “games transfer phenomena” from MMOG questing, but it turned out to be something called “a job”.

Zoso: There was that one time I played SimCity for three days straight and found I’d accidentally restructured our town to have a far more efficient mass transit system. The giant dinosaur attack came as a bit of a surprise, though.

Melmoth: Perhaps there’s a link to the recent reports of unexplained damage to huge mushroom crops, as though they’d been repeatedly jumped on?

Zoso: I heard of an incident where a reporter was repeatedly punched and he was convinced his assailants were inspired by Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter or possible Wii Sports Boxing, but they insisted it was just because he worked for the Daily Mail.

Melmoth: Apparently the Acme Crate Company have had to revise their recruitment policy after a new warehouse worker smashed up their entire stock with a crowbar, then complained that he hadn’t found a single round of ammunition or first aid kit.

Zoso: Brigadier General Sir Cliff Prodger expressed surprise during recent army exercises on Salisbury Plain when an armoured battalion forswore their usual tactics and instead drove straight for the enemy base screeching “TANK RUSH KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE”. It proved highly effective, though, to the point that the defenders rage-left the exercise halfway through, declaring their opponents to be “lamers”.

Melmoth: It’s been encouraging to see the huge increase in fitness levels as people spend their entire time running everywhere. The related increase in pub brawls due to spilt pints has negated this positive impact somewhat, however, as has the increase in replacement knee operations due to the amount of time spent running while crouching.

Zoso: There was that time I went into a room with black and white chequered tiles on the floor, and could only move across it in a series of ‘L’ shapes. The strangest thing was I’ve never even played chess.

Melmoth: I mean, there’s definitely been an increase in the number of street fights between buxom ladies dressed in thong leotards, qipao and cheerleader outfits.

5 thoughts on “Have I Got MMOnews For You

  1. unwesen

    True story: towards the end of a particularly intense LAN party where we were playing the 1999 Aliens vs. Predator shooter, me playing as an Alien (of course) I got up to go to the bathroom.

    As I was approaching the door to the hall, I found myself mentally plotting my course up the room’s wall, through the door upside down, spiralling down the hall’s walls until I’d reach the bathroom door. I very nearly walked into the wall attempting to follow that course.

  2. Bronte

    I once asked my boss for my Daily Quest. She just laughed and said I was so quirky and eccentric. But she never gave me said quest.

    What a bitch.

    Word: pleonasm. Sounds like a perverted growth somewhere in your gonads.

  3. pjharvey

    I worked out an optimal solution to packing my groceries, but as soon as I slotted that loaf of bread in at the end all my shopping bally well disappeared!

  4. Attic Lion

    I used to affix a few painted tortoise shells to the sides of my car in an attempt to protect it from collisions. You can imagine my surprise when my bumper was still nearly annihilated by some idiot kid who rear ended me.

    @pjharvey Well you should have laid the bread lengthwise across the top of the other groceries. Everyone knows that.

    I don’t know what a biscuitotron is captcha. Sounds like some sort of device used to measure biscuit-ity.

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