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  1. Melmoth Post author

    @Fuzzy: I’m probably being unfair but ATitD seems to be at the other extreme of the Scale of Crafting, where you need to expend five hours of intense concentration in order to whittle a stick to a sharp enough point that you can stab yourself in the ear and end the nightmare.

    @Stabs: About as much care as goes into my cooking in real life, although there is some symmetry in it, because at the end of both I’m left with a steaming pile of unusable crap that I throw in the nearest bin.

  2. pjharvey

    My anti-spam word is: ‘It’s possible to look at the effort required in crafting being the collecting of all the required materials, particularly if some of those materials need to be crafted themselves. Having to forage for and find all those materials that go together in order for you to make that button click can take a fair bit of time.

    ‘Of course, that can easily be dismissed as not ‘crafting’ but ‘gathering’, and quite reasonably. A gatherer could hand all the materials to the crafter and you’re left with your single-click-of-unskilled-craftiness. Your excellent cooking analogy works here too.’

    That’s a big captcha, and amazingly coincides with what I was going to write anyway.

  3. Stabs

    @ Melmoth So what you’re saying essentially is that it’s a remarkably accurate simulation of real life. Well done everyone! Champers all round!

    @pj Now that sir is a truly remarkable coincidence. My capcha as it happens is an original composition for bass and trombone which I hope to be conducting at the Royal Albert Hall this autumn.

  4. Dblade

    Is it really being heroic when you beat up on rabbits and sheep to become more powerful? Slippery slope that keeps on slipping.

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