KiaSA Top Tips.

MMO raiders, stave off boredom whilst on holiday by picking a fast food outlet at random from the local directory and then attempting to drive there without using the brakes on your car. Learning all the traffic light sequences along the way in order not to have to slow down will simulate the complex knowledge required for end game raiding, and pedestrians crossing the road in front of you can be equated to trash mobs trying to stop you from getting to the boss.

Once you’ve managed to get to there a few times without braking, or have had enough of the fatty loot at the end, simply pick a slightly upmarket restaurant and start all over again for higher rewards!

Yours repetitively,

Stu Pidraid

3 thoughts on “KiaSA Top Tips.

  1. Derrick

    Oh, man. I can’t believe I’ve been tragically unaware of your blog for so long.

    Insightful, and always good for a laugh!


  2. Melmoth Post author

    I’m sure we can think of a suitable penance for your unawareness; I think seven Hail Melmoths and one World of Warcraft heroic pick-up group as a warrior wearing cloth armour and demanding that you be allowed to heal, should do it.

    Thanks for the kind feedback.

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