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  1. Melmoth Post author

    Splendid! Yes, I was thinking along the lines of the classical jobs of tank, DPS and healer, but of course in some MMOs CC is a valid independent job all of its own.

    I was mainly inspired by reading about all the new people in World of Warcraft who are taking up tanking (what with the new dungeon tool being so popular) and finding that they have to regularly tank bilious group members if said tank does not provide the illusion of being a giant sheet of sticky mob paper (like fly paper, but for mobs, obviously).

    I really do admire people who play tanks, because even with good skill and a well-geared character, it seems entirely necessary to be confidence capped to avoid taking critical hits to your self esteem on a daily basis.

  2. Capn John

    Tanks are supposed to taunt the other members of their group?

    “You call that DPS? My Grandmother can DPS better than that and she’s 95, half-blind, and since the stroke she can only use her right arm! And she’s left-handed!”

  3. modran

    Well, I guess after some dungeons, more than a few of them get tanked to forget the experience of tanking. That is, if the dungeon tanked. On the other hand, if the tank tanked, then they get tanked in celebration…

  4. Melmoth Post author

    @Capn John: “Tanks are supposed to taunt the other members of their group?”

    Only if those other members’ mothers smelled of elderberries, or their fathers were hamsters.

    @modran: Tanks for that.

  5. Capn John

    Melmoth’s Holy Grail reference Crits Capn John for One, Two…Five points of damage!
    Sir Lancelot whispers Narrator, “Three, sire.”
    Three! Three points of damage!
    Melmoth has defeated Capn John in a battle of wits.
    /salute Melmoth

  6. Chanlgling Bob

    Ironically, both tanking and CC in the literal sense if mind control is involved on the opposing side. There’s also Valithria Dreamwalker, a so-far unreleased boss in the new WoW raid that requires healing from 50% to full instead of being killed.

    I may have missed the point of this post.

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