Snow Diary

Day eight without a phone line and broadband. More snow today, just as things were clearing up, which will probably stop anyone getting out to try and fix the phone line. We lost Johnson on Sunday after he was watching a film, couldn’t quite place where he’d seen an actor before, and flung himself through the window when he realised he couldn’t look it up on IMDB. A small cult have formed in the spare bedroom worshipping a cache of printed web pages: recipes for butternut squash risotto and baked vanilla cheesecake, and a map showing the hidden packages in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I dusted off an old modem, plugged it in, and shouted “bleeeeeeeeeepFRIKangFRIKangFRIKang” in a bid to emulate a data signal, but to no avail. Am coping by playing single player games with a post-it note stuck to the screen reading:
“this game sucks wow is way better”
“lol no wai wow su><" "this game sucks" "chuck norris su><" "your mom su>< chuck norris"

to simulate a general chat channel, but I don’t know how much longer I can last…

I’d just been getting back into Champions Online as well, hopping around for a quick blast now and again. A group of us were working through Left 4 Dead 2, the Friday night DDO group was going great guns… Star Trek Online was also in mid-download as the line went down, I’d had a quick tinker in the closed beta a while back (space combat was fun, running around starships was a bit standard MMO (textbook) and not so exciting, but I gather more stuff had been patched in around that), hopefully the phone line will be back in time to download the open beta client.

Oh well, better head off now. McMillan has heard that a house two streets away has working cable and a router, we’re forming a raiding party. I’m just going out; I may be some time.

8 thoughts on “Snow Diary

  1. Melmoth

    “On the plus side, with all the free time that I’ve had from not playing MMOs I’ve written a screenplay that is being turned into a major Hollywood blockbuster; built an extension on the side of the house; circumnavigated the British Isles on a raft woven from the eyelashes of frogs; stumbled upon the lost sunken city of Atlantis during a square-by-square tour of the globe on Google Maps; and discovered the cure for cancer.

    Which was nice.”

  2. Modran

    Ah, just for info, you’re not playing on the Argonessen world, by any chance? And in need of a lv 9ish rogue?
    My “permanent” group was destroyed by League of Legends, sadly…

  3. mbp

    Sorry to hear about your communications deprivation. Are you sure the snow is to blame? You haven’t said anything untoward about Google recently have you? I hear that Big G has begun to take a hard line against those who are foolish enough to dis-please them.

  4. Zoso Post author

    Now you come to mention it, there have been black helicopters (with bright multicoloured logos) in the area… Have I mentioned how brilliant Google is lately?

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