Thought for the day.

Like finding an unused character name, players in City of Heroes now have a new challenge in trying to be original, the recently released Issue 14 Architect system.

If it is indeed anything like the nigh-on impossible task of finding a half-decent name which isn’t already taken, then I predict that my idea for an invasion of Paragon City by hyper-intelligent space bagels whose sole purpose is to steal the entire world’s supply of cutlery, would not only have already been implemented, but would appear to have been the second mission arc ever implemented in Architect, and of which there are now four hundred and seventy six varying imitations.

The first mission ever created was, of course, to breakout the Bawdy Buxom Beauties of the planet Bustulon VI from the prison of the evil Doctor Whopper Chopper.

5 thoughts on “Thought for the day.

  1. Ysharros

    Worry not. As long as you include lashings of cream cheese, your bagel plot should end up fresh and new!

    That or give away free T-shirts with the mission. Nobody can resist free T-shirts, Brain said so.

  2. Melmoth

    As if to prove my point, the original draft of the article made mention of cream cheese. QED! Or something.

    Except all the T-shirts are actually I-shirts, and when everyone is unable to move because their arms are restrained, we can take over the world, Pinky!

  3. Sente

    You would have to disguise the bagel story arc description as a mission to defeat your own character as an Arch-villain, preferably with-out dialog, because no-one have thought of that idea :)

  4. Melmoth

    I’m going to have to go in and create the bagel story arc now, aren’t I?

    I’ve read your excellent posts on Architect (loved the clown villains) so I think it would be entirely possible to create a group of sentient bagel villains.

    With cream cheese based powers to keep Ysharros happy.

  5. Sente

    If not, then I suspect you can get the bagel&cream cheese addon-pack for a few architect tickets at the ticket vendor.

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