Greater Blessing of Insomnia

Astute readers may have noticed that Melmoth has been a bit quiet recently; readers with a keen memory may remember this piece from the dim, distant past of a couple of weeks ago. Astute readers with a keen memory may be be able to therefore deduce from these two pieces of information that Melmoth has finally gone into deep cover, infiltrating a pernicious gang of hardened criminals who use the amazing realism of MMOGs to plan their heists. Oh, crap, that’s blown his cover, forget I said anything (though if you read a story in the paper about a gang who were planning to rob a bank by immobilising the Longbow security forces by summoning rocks from the very earth itself to hold them in place, then blow the bloody doors off the vault with the help of robot henchmen before flying off to freedom using jetpacks, you’ll know who foiled their attempt).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, astute readers with a keen memory who don’t confuse reality with MMOGs quite so much may have deduced that Mini Melmoth has arrived. Melmoth, Mrs Melmoth and Mini Melmoth are all doing well. I think. Communication has been somewhat garbled, along the lines of “onlee 17mins sleeeep in lst 34hrs kwite tyred”, but everything seems to be OK, so many congratulations to the Melmoths from all at Killed In A Smiling Accident, and if you’d like to leave any messages of goodwill as a comment, he’ll almost certainly pick them up in about 18 years time when Mini Melmoth is no longer quite so mini and leaves home.

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