It’s full of colours!

When not playing Age of Conan, I keep going back to Audiosurf. In a strange coincidence (that isn’t strange, and in no way a coincidence), I’ve also been getting back into music generally. Sometimes I can go through periods where I’ll pick up the iPod, select shuffle, and go through about 50 tracks hitting “next” every couple of seconds before giving up entirely. Other times, like recently, I’ll quite happy listen to just about everything that gets randomly thrown up, so either my iPod has a cunning Evil Shuffle mode, that periodically just picks songs I don’t like, or I just go through phases. The second option seems more likely, as exactly the same songs crop up both times.

Anyway! I’d been mostly sticking to the Mono modes, but they only work really well on some songs. Too slow, and there just aren’t enough coloured bricks to keep life interesting, too fast (especially on Mono Pro/Elite), and the focus is more on dodging grey bricks than hitting colours. One of the tweaks in the recent update was that the Vegas vehicle got an extra ability, generating random power-ups, which seems to make quite a difference, and I can quite happily kill a couple of hours going “oh… just one more song, then”.