Tuesday 20 July 2010

MMORPG Name Generator

Got a brilliant idea for a new MMORPG, but just can’t come up with a catchy name? Simply follow these easy steps for a guaranteed smash hit:

  1. Stick a pin in the thesaurus entry for ‘realm’
  2. Add ‘of’
  3. Draw scrabble letters from a bag for a fantasy-sounding word
  4. Add punctuation of choice
  5. Append a portentous verb

KiaSA Studios are pleased to announce that Purview of Lsdqwny – Conflictening will be released in 2011 and feature exciting innovations including Levels, Statistics and Items, and Neck of the Woods of Gassdvhw{ Enthrustening has just started development, based around the novel idea of giving us lots of money in exchange for killing monsters or making swords or something.

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