Wednesday 5 August 2009

It is easier to pull down than to build up.

If there’s one good thing about EVE and forthcoming Champions Online it’s that their single server architecture philosophy means that players like myself, who seem to be utterly cursed when it comes to server selection, will be able to play at ease knowing that if we can’t get into the game, then nobody else can. It also means a lack of server mergers, where one generally loses the name that they hand picked to represent themselves in all their virtual online glory.

Exhibit 1: Lost all of the names of my characters during the Warhammer Online mergers.

Exhibit 2: Currently waiting for the only EU English RP realm in WoW that’s not up and running after the 3.2 patch, where funnily enough all my characters live.

So while I wait I’m making up some “yo’ momma”-style jokes to tell around the Ironforge mailbox:

Yo’ character so epic that aircraft mistakenly try to land on its shoulder pads at night.

Yo’ character so epic that Purple Haze is now an official medical disorder.

Yo’ character so epic that at Christmas, Santa puts the kids’ presents under it.

Yo’ character so epic that you look just like everyone else.

Yeah they’re awful, you can blame Blizzard for making me wait and thus have time to inflict those upon you.

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