Monday 19 March 2007

Weekend Warcrafting

Another quiet weekend of Warcraft, as I wasn't around very much. Managed to work through a Netherstorm quest chain to get the X-52 Pilot's Leggings, and popped into Alterac Valley a couple of times as it was bonus honour weekend there. Curiously, the Horde won both matches; back in December, when I last spent a fair amount of time in battlegrounds, Alterac Valley was an all but guaranteed Alliance victory, I think my results there were something like 38 wins and 1 loss. I think much of that was a self fulfilling prophecy; it was "known" that the Horde lose Alterac Valley, so some Horde players wouldn't even bother trying particularly hard, so the rest of the Horde team in that battleground were at a further disadvantage, so they probably would lose, thus continuing the cycle. In fact, there's only one key to Alterac Valley: zerg for your life! In both the weekend games, the Horde had this nailed, and when they'd captured a graveyard or two, half the Alliance tried to defend, which merely delays the inevitable.

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