Saturday 31 March 2007

Happiness can come suddenly

Well, I broke my "no blues since the Ramparts" duck after a run through Sethekk Halls. Not with the Shoulderpads of Assassination, unfortunately, but still.

The run got off to a slightly rough start; the party was a Druid plus the Warrior, Paladin, Druid and me who'd been running places like Scholomance as a team of 4 just before the expansion, but thanks to various holidays, illnesses and such we hadn't played together for a while. It showed in the first couple of rooms, not least thanks to a few comedy attempted-sap pulls by yours truly, combined with assorted fears, bird knockbacks and other such fun. Still, we pulled ourselves together and proceeded to romp through the rest of the dungeon, wiping lightly on Darkweaver Syth (who dropped nothing useful), and again on Talon King Ikiss a couple of times before we worked out standing next to him while he exploded was a Bad Thing(TM). Still, down he went in the end, and... click to loot... see what Mail armour he'll inevitably drop... but no! There's Terokk's Nightmace and a Ravenclaw Band. The mace is rather nice, with the same DPS as my Grand Marshal's Slicer, and would be a fair upgrade on the green sword I have in my off-hand, but at 2.00 it's a bit slower than would be ideal so better suited to the warrior. The ring, on the other hand is perfect for a combat rogue, so I calmly explained that, although doubtless useful to a warrior, it was perhaps better suited to one whose sole raison d'etre was to deal damage, vis-à-vis me. Or words to that effect, anyway (the precise phrase may have been closer to "don't you dare roll on my sodding ring"; there's a limit to extreme loot politeness y'know). So! Useful blue items for two of us, and some quest completion as well, not a bad afternoon's work. But I still don't like random loot tables...

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