Wednesday 7 March 2007

Sittin' on Top of the World

Well, that's level 70 reached. I was wandering around the Blade's Edge Mountains, but had reached that slightly annoying point where there are a few quests to complete in disparate locations. Previously I've been fairly methodical about clearing zones as much as possible before moving on to the next, but being 85% of the way to level 70 I thought "sod it" and headed up to Netherstorm. Sure enough, a quick wander around Area 52 netted a stack o' quests, all within a short ride, and a short while later the death of some Blood Elf captain netted that last little sliver of XP.


DraconianOne said...

I was liking this blog a lot up until the point where you started spewing dangerous and inciteful race hatred comments about the blood elves.

Just for that I'm going to have to slap a few gnomes around.

Oh, and "gratz" on 70!

Zoso said...

Hey, I only kill the Bad Blood Elves. The ones who drop stuff the other Blood Elves give you bounty for. Unless they're Scryers, I'm obliged to hate them as an Aldor. Wait a minute, who am I attacking again?

Anyway, ta! And if there's any Gnome slapping on the go, sign me up. If the rest of my guild hadn't gone with the Alliance on release then "they don't have Gnomes" would've been a more than compelling enough reason to roll Horde.

Melmoth said...

I think that when you hit 70 you should get a message such as:

You've reached level 70!

Congratulations, you have won the vaguely sane part of World of Warcraft.

Another game Y/N?

Whether 'another game' means rolling a new character, or Lord of the Rings Online is at the discretion of the reader.

Big congratulations on reaching the big seven oh, regardless!