Thursday 8 March 2007

Too Much of Nothing

My first day of level 70-ness didn't get off to a great start, with the new 2.10 patch proving somewhat troublesome (the downloader managed to get about a megabyte at a time before going off in a sulk and having to be restarted), and when it finally did finish installing, the servers were all down. Still, they were back up before too long, so it was on with the evening's main task: getting the last 1,000 or so honour points for a big ol' sword. A couple of Warsongs and an Alterac later, a couple of guildmates suggested a run to the Steamvaults, which sounded like fun, so off we went.

Our group was two Druids (one feral, tanking, one boomkin), a Mage, a Priest, and me, the Rogue. After the obligatory early wipe (I think it's the law that within the first five fights, you have to have a bad pull with extra fear-into-another-group) we kicked arse and took names, only didn't have a pen or paper for the name taking part, and there wasn't another death along the way. No problem with Druid tanking after their changes in 2.10 (even with an aggro-happy Mage and Rogue doing their best to make his life difficult). A couple of the group got bits of the Karazhan key, and I got the Helm of the Claw (with meta socket) from a quest in there (not so useful at the moment, as I don't meet any of the meta-gem-requirements, but hey, it's another hat for the collection. An astonishingly ugly hat, but a hat nonetheless), so not a bad run all told.

As for loot... take a guess. Yes, I'm afraid it's another loot whine, as to add to my single, solitary, somewhat lonely looking trash green item from runs through the Slave Pens and the Underbog, I got... nothing. Well... I sort of won a shard, but let the enchanter keep it (as I'm buttering him up for a nice enchantment on my Grand Marshal's Slicer, once I actually get it). But no blues for me, and indeed no blues for anyone in the party, as the only potentially useful items were for a healer, and our Priest was already decked out in better stuff. Still, I'm fine with that. Really. Totally fine. Absolutely happy, yes siree, I don't need any of this 'loot' stuff, nope, not me, it's friendship and exploration that's important, yes, who cares about loot, certainly not me, no no no, why do you keep going on about loot? Eh? Eh? I've told you! It's not important! Stop talking about it! Stop it! LA LA LA LA LA I'M NOT READING THE LOOT TABLES OF BOSSES TO FIND OUT WHAT MIGHT HAVE DROPPED LA LA LA LA LA LA.

*Ahem*. Sorry about that. Anyway, it really is good to see these instances regardless of loot, and at a touch over two hours, it's a good size. Indeed, getting out in good time meant I could fit a few more battlegrounds in, so I'm fervently hoping the estimated honour for yesterday isn't too inaccurate as I ought to finally qualify for that Slicer! Not that I care about it, you understand, I only PvP for the challenge, and the cameraderie, and... oh, wait, I've done that rant already.

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I feel the same way. Great post.