Monday 5 March 2007

Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule

I haven't been paying much attention to jewels or enchantments on the road to level 70, as most items are replaced fairly regularly on the way, but now I'm nearly there I thought I'd have a quick browse of the auction house to see what sort of jewels might be affordable. I hit a bit of a snag, though; I believe the Auctioneer add-on puts me at a slight advantage over plain interface users, as it gives a "Gem" option to filter results, but even with that applied I was seeing over 850 items for sale, both cut and uncut gems. With the speed of auction house paging, that's not really a viable number of results to browse through, especially as you don't want to buy an item on page 1 and find the same thing for half the price on page 20. I ran a few searches for specific gems, but typing "Bright Blood Garnet", search, checking results, "Delicate Blood Garnet", search, etc., isn't much fun either. A cursory Google didn't really turn up any add-ons or similar to help (though it was very cursory, as I was busy typing "Solid Azure Moonstone", search, "Jagged Deep Peridot", search, for much of the day); anyone found a better way of doing it?


pjharvey said...


But I thought I'd butt in and say that I experienced the same thing over the weekend. Surely there must be an improvement due to the AH that differentiates between cut gems that go in to sockets and uncut gems. Without knowing what sort of gems are out there, or what stats they can improve, it is simply unfeasible to trawl the AH at the moment to find something, anything, to go in to a socket.

Anonymous said...

A quick google search brought up "sienas-gem-viewer" at Curse Gaming:

Can't connect to the site as I'm at work and the dreaded "web-sense" has foiled me again, but the google description of the page appears to be what you're looking for.

Zoso said...

Ahh! I'd been searching for "jewel" stuff, not "gem". D'oh! That's just the job, ta very much!

Melmoth said...

And just to finish things off:
apparently, a sub-category for socketable gems is coming to an AH near you in the next major content patch.