One score and five years ago

A few years back I wrote about Digitiser, the Teletext games pages, as Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose made a triumphant return with Digitiser 2000. Three years on and the site survives and indeed thrives with stacks of great writing and the impressively weird Mr Biffo’s Found Footage series.

Monday saw the 25th anniversary of the launch of Digitiser and Biffo is celebrating with a week of classic teletext-me-do, a fantastic nostalgia trip for those wizened husks old enough to remember it from the first time around, and a glimpse into the distant past for any youngsters who can tear themselves away from sniffing a smlogger fidget spinning a Kinder egg, or whatever it is they do these days.

2 thoughts on “One score and five years ago

  1. welshtroll

    Digi was brilliant for a youthful me I used to check it at my Nans house usually after consuming of an episode of Babylon 5, thankfully it was on the telly in the front room and not the Living room TV.

    Swearing Zombies, Morse and Lewis and Mr T’s bins are all part of my teletext based nostalgia .

    1. Zoso Post author

      I think it must’ve been during university holidays that I mostly caught up with it (no teletext telly at uni); The Man’s Daddy’s jokes were always a highlight.

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