Take Courage! Whatever you decide to do, it will probably be the wrong thing.


I like the original on the left because I based her on Isabela from Dragon Age 2.

I like the one on the right because I think she looks more like a classic Norn, such as Jora[1]

But which one should I play as my Chesney Hawkes? My ‘not going to re-roll, sticking to my guns, this is it, final answer, no alts until I hit the level cap’?

There’s only one way to find out!


[1] I still need to tweak the mouth somewhat, so it doesn’t look as though her greatest enemy was not Jormag but an industrial class collagen injection machine.

[2] Or have a vote. Or roll a dice. Or see which one turns up first in my dreams wearing a wetsuit full of jelly—I’ve said too much.

12 thoughts on “Take Courage! Whatever you decide to do, it will probably be the wrong thing.

  1. Melmoth Post author

    @stabs: M’colleague is KiaSA’s Senior Hat Editor, but rest assured I’ll be seeking out the top hattage available, just as soon as I’m out of the character creator.

    @pkudude99: Okay, one on the left it is!

    @Jondare: Left one. Definitely!

    @Pai: I totally agree. It’s the one on the right for me.

    Excellent. I knew you lot would solve the problem for me: so far we’ve narrowed it down to the one on the left, or the one on the right. I feel we’ve made real progress today. Good work everyone! Group hug.

  2. Syl

    Left all the way. wtf is wrong with the right one’s lips?? scary….

    btw left is the coolest hairdo of them all imo – if only they’d also let you change the color of the headband in the dye menu later on. it’s a little meh that given dyes are so important in the game, you are stuck with one color for that headpiece.

  3. Modran

    I think we agree that choosing the right character for you means choosing the character on the left, right? I mean, it’s obvious that’s the only option you have left. Without stepping on your left to make a decision, of course. I mean, right to make a decision.

  4. boris

    I have to agree with the leftists. Besides the right’s lips(to be changed, understood), the hairstyle is a bit odd.

  5. boris

    Okay, now I can’t stop analysing Ms. Right.
    Besides the hair-style, I think the skin color is too dark for the hair color. Looking at Jora (wiki only, never played GW), she has a lighter skin tone, which meshes with the hair color better.
    Hopefully now I can leave this alone.

  6. Melmoth Post author

    @Syl: Foom, I hadn’t even considered being able to dye the bandana at a later date, but that is rather a shame, what with the tremendous selection of colours to be collected. And yes, Ms. Right does have monstrous lips.

    @Modran: Right on! Or was it left?

    @boris: Interesting thoughts. I may well tweak Ms. Left’s skin colour a tone or two lighter and see if it looks any better. I do quite like the hair though, its the same style that Eir sports, or close to it; seems quite Norny, but might look better in-game.

    @Machination: Gosh, there’s a lot of lefties here. I guess MMO players are social after all.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll definitely take it all into consideration. Then, knowing my altitus, roll a male Sylvari.

  7. Keidot

    The left one is great! I’m also a fan of Jora, but noone said that Joras grand-grand-grandchildren can’t have brown hair.

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