KiaSAcast Episode 13

For those of you who are not monitoring our podcast RSS feed or stalking us on the Twitterverse, brace your main hats and hang on to your sails, because we’re pleased to announce that it’s time for KiaSAcast episode thirteen.

This episode of the podcast includes:

– Radio KiaSA presents more David Ragefury and Steve Wiseman

– Coming soon to KiaSA-TV

– Introduction

– Games which we’re currently playing, have played, have burnt out on, or might play soon, including::

     – City of Heroes

     – Lord of the Rings Online

     – Dungeons and Dragons Online

     – World of Tanks

– Plus various other topics as and when we sidetracked onto them.

Bonus quiz: see if you can work out how long ago we recorded this show, based on the release dates mentioned which have since passed. Slow Podcast-Editing Melmoth is slow.

Download KiaSAcast Episode Thirteen

7 thoughts on “KiaSAcast Episode 13

  1. Stabs

    Huzzah! A new Kiasacast.

    While I enjoy your rambunctious ramblings on the blog there’s an added piquancy gained from hearing mellifluous Melmoth and so-so Zozo enunciating in person.

    I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

  2. Melmoth Post author

    You only have to listen to the way Zoso pronounces ‘freemium’ in this podcast to know that he’s the mellifluous person in real life. I just play one on the Internet.

  3. ArcherAvatar

    That really hit the spot. I couldn’t agree more on the general sentiments expressed concerning SWTOR, and I am also holding out hope for GW2 but understand your caution in that regard… we simply won’t know for certain until it’s actually released but damn it looks promising.

    I’m also looking forward to WOP and see excellent potential there for many spectacular deaths in exploding fireballs.

    May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

  4. Zoso

    @Stabs I’ve got my fingers crossed for the upcoming “Best Use Of The Word ‘Freemium’ In Episode 13 Of KiaSAcast” awards, but it’s pretty stiff competition.

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