The Lord of the Rings Online Drinking Game: Free-to-Play Edition.


Two (2) Large Buckets
One (1) Mr Tiddles, your favourite teddy bear
Four (4) or more (>) Comfy Cushions
One (1) Pint of Bitter
One (1) Hundred (Ten (10) times Ten (10)) shots of spirit


Place the buckets within easy reach of your computer, scatter the cushions around the base of your chair such that they will soften the landing should you fall from it, and place Mr Tiddles within arm’s reach.

The Rules

Every time you see a Hunter, take a sip of your pint.

Every time you see more than three Hunters in an area together, drink a shot.

Every time a Hunter pulls a mob that you were blatantly about to engage in melee, take a sip of your pint.

Every time a Hunter pulls a mob that you were blatantly about to engage in melee when there were at least twenty seven other mobs of the same type within their range that they could have picked from instead, drink a shot.

Every time a Hunter runs past you, stops, turns around, and then starts following you everywhere you go, possibly in the hope that they can pull a mob you’re about to engage in melee, or perhaps nip in and steal a quest objective while you’re fighting the boss guarding it, or maybe they’re just lonely and want I DON’T BLOODY KNOW WHAT, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE WON’T YOU, drink two shots and wipe away your tears on the back of Mr Tiddles’ head while you rock back and forth cuddling him.

WARNING: It is a legal requirement that if you intend to spend more than five minutes in any zone in the level 1-30 range while playing KiaSA’s LotRO F2P Drinking Game you must phone advance notification through to your local Accident and Emergency department. Registering with the local organ donation centre is optional but advisable, and if you register now you can get a 7% discount on select organs by using this code: KIASAKILLEDMYLIVER.

3 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings Online Drinking Game: Free-to-Play Edition.

  1. Jim

    OK, I realize comments that do nothing but heap praise on a blogger do little to further anything in this world…But your stuff is so excellent I was left little choice but to take a moment and tell you your stuff is excellent.

    Thank you for writing.

  2. Jonathan B

    This particular Elf Hunter has so far only accomplished none of the above except: existing, and existing in the same zone as two other hunters once. So you only get a shot and a sip for me so far at level 27.

    I have, however, intentionally pulled several mobs off of melee types (not Guardians) who had made the mistake of wandering into range of seven mobs to engage 1.

    You have, however, left off the list the Hunter pulling three mobs by firing at the one he could actually see on a hill. That’s how I lost my quest for the Undying title. Shot an at-level Tarkrip on the hill above me and didn’t know he had friends. ;)

  3. Melmoth Post author

    @Jim: Such comments are, nevertheless, very much appreciated by the blogger.

    Thank you for commenting.

    @Jonathon B: And of course I am well aware that not all Hunters are like this; I would hope nobody would believe I thought so. The influx of, shall we say, F2P Hunters, has been somewhat marked however.

    Indeed, m’colleague plays a Hunter in his spare time away from keeping runes (what does he do with them all?), and so I would be treading on somewhat treacherous ground had I suggested that this encompasses all Hunters.

    Sorry to hear that you lost your Undying title, it is one of those titles that is actually incredibly easy to achieve.

    Until that first time when you realise you’re close to achieving it…

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