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The “I Write Like” analyser has been spreading like wildfire recently, a web page that takes a text sample and with uncanny machine precision determines that you write like one of 50 authors including James Joyce, H. P. Lovecraft, P. G. Wodehouse or, in particularly insulting cases, Dan Brown. Doubt has been raised over the pin-point accuracy of the Bayesian classifier behind it, though, so KiaSA Industries have devoted a vast amount of effort and resources to create a far more sophisticated algorithm, the most accurate writing style analysis service in the known universe:

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9 thoughts on “KiaSA Writing Style Analyser

  1. Zoso Post author

    It’s uncanny! I write like Reginald Maudling or Nanette Newman, depending on the text sample I provide…

  2. Ysharros

    I write like Crush the Barbarian. I’m not sure Crush actually knows how to write. Which would be accurate enough.


  3. Tesh

    I saw this a week or two ago and found that one of my “in progress” articles apparently means I write like… some dude I can’t remember, and can’t get again (though I remember being wholly unimpressed when I did a bit of research on him), since I just pasted the *same* text with very minor edits into the analyzer, and now it’s calling me H.P. Lovecraft.

    I’ve never read Lovecraft (gasp!), so I’m not sure how accurate that is… but I suspect the analyzer is triggering on a few key words/acronyms or phrases, rather than really doing any sort of useful contextual analysis.

    Another article (Apple Picking) garnered an “Arthur Clarke” (sans the “C.”?), and yet another (The Old World of Warcraft) earned me a “Cory Doctorow”.

    Overall, I’m vaguely insulted, but I’ll take the Clarke happily.

    Sente has a good article up citing his results, and a link to an article on the guts of the analyzer.

  4. xbevisx

    Screw Dan Brown for writing like me.

    “The famous man pick up the red cup”

    The non-famous blogger writes like the bad author. He was sad.

  5. Zoso Post author

    The bad website told me I write like the famous author man. I do not like the bad website. It is bad.

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