She’s so hot, BOOM!

Playing Borderlands as Lilith the Siren I’ve got a skill, Phoenix, that causes fire damage to nearby enemies after I get a kill. It’s quite splendid for tearing through groups of opponents, both submachine gun and self blazing away. Borderlands also features barrels that explode with particularly violent force when shot, most inadvisable to stand in the vicinity of.

The two combine in a slightly annoying fashion when you creep around, find an excellent vantage point, pull out a sniper rifle, zoom in on the head of an unsuspecting bandit, and pow! One shot, one kill. One kill, one flaming aura. One flaming aura, and the explosive barrel you were crouching next to but hadn’t really noticed explodes. Rather takes the gloss off the victory dance, really.

4 thoughts on “She’s so hot, BOOM!

  1. Zoso Post author

    The words “hoist” and “petard” spring to mind. As in “what the hoisting petard just killed me?”

  2. mbp

    Lol Zoso you noob ;) Don’t you know that the first rule of any shooter is: Don’t take cover behind any red shiny barrels!

    Have you tried online co-op yet. When I tried Borderlands before Christmas it was almost impossible to get it to work properly but I think it has been patched since.

  3. Papa Smurf

    I managed to get a 2 player game going fine with no problems (once I’d sorted out a gamespy logon :S)

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