Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise I get

M’colleague, liking Slayers as he does, is excited by the prospect of their arrival in WAR. I must urge caution, though; what information do we have to go on? Orange hair dye, and hair clippers. The conclusion a Warhammer aficionado must draw? The iconic orange mohawk of the Slayer. Paul Barnett is English, though, and I’ll wager that means he watched 3-2-1, particularly the objects and clues that represented prizes. These clues were a little obscure, so I think we need to ponder these items rather more deeply.

If you dye your hair, you change the colour, but you can also change your clothes. The dye is orange – famously, nothing rhymes with orange, and many people believe the same applies to “purple”. However, the word “curple” does rhyme, and means “the hind-quarters or rump of a horse”. Now, the hair clippers are used to shave the head; “A Close Shave” was the third Wallace And Gromit, following “The Wrong Trousers”, thus, trousers. Changing clothes, trousers, the hind-quarters of a horse? I think we can all now see what’s going to be included in Warhammer’s January 29th announcement, and not before time. Clothing for mounts, starting with horse trousers!

2 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise I get

  1. Caspian

    Heh, I haven’t thought about 3-2-1 for twenty years, but those streams of consciousness at the end would have given Derren Brown a run for his money…

  2. Caspian

    Apologies, I forgot to use the awesome ‘Sword of Power’ (Scandanavian accent please) bequeathed to me in a previous comment…

    I shall rectify that now:


    Fear me.

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