It was during the Roman times

In a MMOG, you’re not special. You know the drill, in Generic Single Player Game you’re the son (or daughter, thank you Brother Stan) of a wizard/king/god/king of the gods/wizard king of the gods/a bloke called Geoff; in a MMOG, you’re one of the crowd, nothing special, even if your shoulder pads are wider than every door in town. Blah blah blah, we’ve done this before. But! While idly browsing around the Gods and Heroes site, the solution came to me.

Thousands of people, but you all want to play one iconic character? Well now you can, in Spartacus: The MMO! Yes, you’re Spartacus! And so are you! And you!

The gameplay might need slightly tweaking, as currently it consists of logging in, saying “I’m Spartacus!”, and getting crucified. Still, on the plus side, it’s a great segue into the sequel, Brian of Nazareth: The MMO.

2 thoughts on “It was during the Roman times

  1. heather

    I want you to know this was an incredibly surreal thing to read after a night of not being able to sleep. In fact, it makes a surprising amount of sense right now… :D

  2. Zoso

    Huzzah, I’ve found my ideal audience, sleep-deprived people on the point of hallucination!

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