Five reasons why I blog: Revenge of the Meme

It has recently come to my attention that I have been tagged, deliberately, callously, and with beastliness of forethought by the Ancient One. And he didn’t even buy me flowers.

  1. Prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet: The shield of anonymity, it’s a powerful tool. It enables me to sit here and write whatever I choose, in whatever manner of voice that I wish to use, and then put it out for people to read and interpret and react to. Am I Melmoth, or is Melmoth really me? If I had a portrait painted who would I see? It’s wonderful to be able to experiment with who I believe I am without some of the more obnoxious constraints of societal intervention
  2. Because I want to be a writer: Language is funny. Those who are naturally inclined to belittle and mock will have read that heading as me believing that blogging is a way into my becoming a writer. They are wrong, I’m very happy with my work as an aerospace software engineer; deep down I want to be a writer, even though I know that this will never come to fruition. The stumbling blocks are that I have no stories to tell, and I am not terribly good at writing, therefore, blogging is a way for me to live out my desire in some small way, to relieve the pressure of not knowing whether I can put something on a page and have somebody else read it and enjoy it.
  3. Because the voices told me to: They’re so demanding.
  4. Ordinary people can be insightful: You don’t have to be the lord king guru of all you survey to have good ideas, sometimes the little people have ideas too. Blogs are a wonderful medium to convey ideas, and the good ones will be picked-up by others and become buoyant, and the not-so-good ideas will settle to the floor of the sea of blogs, like so much detritus. It harms nobody, but it can empower them to better things.
  5. It is part of my master-plan to take over the world: And if you think that blogging about MMOs is a weird way to go about taking over the world, you wait until you see the marmosets wielding tiny uchigatana and mounted on badgers. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to mention those yet…

I’ll tag Zoso and Elf, because I haven’t seen them tagged elsewhere yet. Plus they’re the only other two people IN THE WORLD who read this blog.

2 thoughts on “Five reasons why I blog: Revenge of the Meme

  1. Melmoth

    The bright teleportation light, followed by the screaming. burning agony of laser fire was always a bit of a give-away.

    We tried to pretend that we didn’t know though; didn’t want to spoil it for you.

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