Mmm, widescreen…

I’ve just got a rather nice early Christmas present: a shiny new widescreen monitor. I’m off to see how games look now! (Also: I picked a new template for the blog, which fills this screen a bit better)

4 thoughts on “Mmm, widescreen…

  1. Stargazer

    Tobold send me this way…

    You have a nice and easy way of writing so I’ll be sure to check back, great work and I do hope you’ll keep it up.

    Btw. enjoy that widescreen, I know I love mine

  2. Zoso

    It’s a Viewsonic VX2235wm, and I was really liking it. I say “was”, as it’s started making a really annoying high pitched buzzing noise, which the guy from Viewsonic support thinks is probably a coil in the power supply on its way to failing, so I’m arranging for it to be replaced. *sigh*

    Some great pictures on your blog, by the way!

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