Tuesday 7 June 2011

Expo Coverage

It can’t have escaped your attention that there’s a massive Expo going on over in the US, and we’re just as swept up in all the exciting announcements as everyone else. Though we were sadly unable to blag free first-class flights for press coverage in person we’ll be scouring the ‘net for all the latest news to bring to you. We’re particularly looking forward to “Training Camp: Preparing Pigs for Optimal Performance”, “Slaughter evaluations of pigs immunized against PCV2 and Mhp vaccinations”, “Breeding the Super-Boar: ensuring wildlife remains a threat to even god-slaying level-capped adventurers” and of course we’ll be live-Tweeting “Got Manure? Want Energy? Explore Anaerobic Digestion!”

Remember: if it’s about pork production, you’ll find it at NPPC’s World Pork Expo.

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