Monday 30 April 2007

Why an' what's the reason for?

I seem to have been slightly tagged by Melmoth for "Five Reasons Why I Blog", so without further ado:

1) I get bored at work.
2) Um...
3) Honestly, that's about it, really. If I could be off doing something else, I probably would be, but I'm at work, and typing away makes me look busy.
4) Pom pom pom... this is awkward isn't it? Like trying to make small talk at a real life guild meet-up without resorting to talking about the game you all play, as that would be a bit tragic.
5) Sooo... you've got a Tauren alt, have you, how do you find the Horde starting areas?

1 comment:

pjharvey said...

Talking about the game you all play to make small-talk at a guild meet-up seems like the natural thing to do. It's common ground, can lead to other topics, and is probably the only place you can talk openly about the game without getting strange looks.

I started a Blood Elf alt at the weekend, and have to say that the starting area is the best I've played in, and maybe the best area in the game so far. Sure, I died a couple of times before hitting 10th level, but I am a sucking newbie.