Friday 27 April 2007

Blood dryin' in my yellow hair

OK, so the previous triumphalism of going 8-2 in the arena was grounded by five matches last night (I was a bit pressed for time) when we returned to the more familiar territory of 1-4. I'd be interested to hear from anyone in a two-man arena team as to whether they've reached a fairly stable rating, or whether it tends to yo-yo from week to week.

I suppose, as I tend to play the minimum ten matches per week, the small sample size gives more scope for deviation (in statistical terms, not the outfits of the participants), exacerbated by the "rock/paper/scissors/tiger hand/pen missile" nature of the 2v2 arena whereby team composition can be a significant factor in match results. We're leaving our other five matches to Monday to test Hypothesis B: the later in the week (in WoW terms, weeks begin and end with Wednesday maintenance), the easier the fights...

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