Friday 15 April 2011

Tanks, but no World of Tanks

I’ve been away for a bit, so missed the first few days of the official launch of World of Tanks. I’d been dithering over whether to go for one of the pre-order tank/gold packages, didn’t get around to it, and I’m slightly regretting it now as it was a pretty good deal. I’ll probably try playing for a while without buying any gold, see how it goes, though I fear it’ll be something of a grind; still, it’ll be fun to go back to the low tiers again.

While away, I wandered past a rather magnificent shop and was deeply tempted by one of the items they had in the window. Apparently, though, a stick of rock is a suitable souvenir to bring back from the seaside, an 88mm Tiger tank shell from this place isn’t…

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