Friday 25 March 2011

When I look back to the Guildford of that time it seems far more exotic to me than Nagasaki

From Eurogamer via Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it seems the ever-neglected straight male gamer demographic is being ignored, yet again. Bastal is taking a stand on the Bioware forums, though! Apparently:

The romance options, Isabella and Merrill, were clearly designed with straight male gamers in mind. Unfortunately, these choices are what one would call “exotic” choices.

So I guess Bioware aren’t ignoring all straight male gamers, just straight male gamers who want to romance mundane female characters. Seriously, though, Isabela? Exotic? Sure, if you met a foxy dagger-wielding pirate captain down the pub that would at least warrant a raised eyebrow, but in Denerim or Kirkwall you can bump into six more exotic things before breakfast.

Fair enough about Merrill, though, she is a strange, mystical creature from a far-off land where they have peculiar customs. Still, that’s the Welsh for you.

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