Wednesday 19 January 2011

I do not judge the universe

DC Universe Online seems to have had a fairly quiet launch, though it sounds quite fun and was popular enough to warrant new servers (a cynic might claim a supervillain-esque plot of deliberately launching with slightly low capacity to allow for a “look at all our players!” story, but we’d never stoop so low, not least because Deliberately Underestimating Server Capacity Man would struggle to even pose a challenge to the Legion of Substitute Heroes). As a slightly more concrete measure it did well enough to sneak into this week’s Top 10 Video Games Chart at number ten. The platform breakdown is interesting; 81% of sales were on PS3, 19% on PC, if those figures are similar world-wide I’d be surprised if more MMOGs didn’t try and get a slice of the console action. Maybe the canned XBox 360 versions of Age of Conan and Champions Online will get a dusting off…

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