Thursday 7 October 2010

The MMOnomyth

After Melmoth’s contemplation of Campbell’s monomyth, I wondered if the 17 stages could be adapted to be slightly more relevant to MMOGs…

  • Departure
    • The Call to Adventure
      • “Ooh, that bloke’s got shiny punctuation over his head”
    • Refusal of the Call
      • “Bugger off am I killing 50 wolves”
    • Supernatural Aid
      • “There’s a +1 Supernatural Sword if I do? Oh, all right.”
    • The Crossing of the First Threshold
      • “I’ve unlocked the Wolfslayer I achievement trait badge, score!”
    • Belly of The Whale
      • “WTF? Seriously, nerf the whale’s swallow attack!” (Note: that’s where the whale swallows the player, rather than the whale having small pet birds as weapons)
  • Initiation
    • The Road of Trials
      • “How much further have I got to run down this Road of Crap De-mounting Mobstacles?”
    • The Meeting With the Goddess
    • Woman as Temptress
      • “I don’t care if you are dancing in your underwear on the mailbox, I’m not giving you gold”
    • Atonement with the Father
      • “Sorry dad, I was too busy on this heroic adventure to tidy my room, but I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow”
    • Apotheosis
      • “Ding level 80!”
    • The Ultimate Boon
      • “Could it be that I hold in my very hand… The Sword of a Thousand Truths? It is so! No more powerful weapon exists in any earthly dominion! Huh. No point raiding ’til the next expansion now…”
  • Return
    • Refusal of the Return
      • “FFS, the questgiver is three maps away, I can’t be arsed to go back to him”
    • The Magic Flight
      • “Oh, wait, found a flight point!”
    • Rescue from Without
      • “Who called a dungeon boss Without anyway?”
    • The Crossing of the Return Threshold
      • “It’s 3am? Probably ought to log…”
    • Master of Two Worlds
      • “I have defeated Without *and* mown the lawn!”
    • Freedom to Live
      • “Your subscription has been cancelled as requested”

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