Friday 1 October 2010

TERAble teenage troubles.

TERA has unveiled some new class game-play videos as reported on Massively. The new classes, the Sexeror and the Rangewhore, carry on the grand tradition of the TERA marketing team in generally ignoring the wide range of compelling races in the game to concentrate on presenting females with improbable body dimensions who are dressed in what readers of Sex Workers Monthly voted as among the top ten outfits that are too slutty to work in.

Is that it then, are action MMOs just for the horny teenage male population ages 15-18, or are they simply being made by them?

Look forward to future TERA videos including the Tentaclons and their wandering tentacle hand… things; random gusts of wind that blow skirts up with hilarious consequences; and the dreaded Lycran, monsters with the enviable power to control bra and knicker elastic at will.

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