Thursday 9 September 2010

KiaSAcast Episode 61

For those of you who are not monitoring our podcast RSS feed or stalking us on the Twitterverse, brace your main hats and hang on to your sails, because we’re pleased to announce that it’s time for KiaSAcast episode 61.

In this episode Melmoth accidentally picked up a set of headphone dopplegangers, which revealed themselves to be a Hiss Beast of the Snapcracklepop dimension only after recording had finished. The headphones have been sent to the prison dimension of Bin, and the show was healed somewhat with a +1 Vorpal Edit of Audacity, but it has still suffered a couple of negative frequency levels. Normal service should hopefully be resumed next week!

This episode of the podcast includes:

– Introduction

– Reader mail

– What we’ve been playing, including::

     – APB

     – World of Tanks

     – Warhammer Online

     – Age of Conan

     – With many and varied MMO topics in-between…

Download Kiasacast Episode Sixty One

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