Thursday 15 April 2010

Have I Got MMOnews For You

Host:This week, teams, news that GameStation legally owns the souls of thousands of customers, thanks to a clause added to their online terms and conditions to prove that nobody really reads them.

Zoso: When questioned about a similar clause in the WoW terms and conditions, a Blizzard legal rep responded “A way of pointing out people don’t read terms and conditions? Oh. Yeah. That’s what ours is, definitely, one of those.”

Melmoth: Rumours that Derek Smart has refused to refund souls of customers who signed up for Alganon’s similar offer, on the basis that he’s already eaten them all, are unfounded at this time. Several overly long ranty forum posts from an anonymous author did appear on the Alganon forums, however, intimating that souls all tasted terrible and no real pleasure was to be got from them, although they can be used to sustain a person for several millennia.

Zoso: The EA/Mythic team behind WAR apologised for claiming their players’ souls several times over, while DDO also got in on the action by offering 2,500 Turbine points in exchange for each immortal soul, but rapidly withdrew the offer as it turned out they’d rather overvalued things.

Host: Goodnight!

Studio lights dim, theme tune plays.

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