Thursday 1 April 2010

April Fool's Day Cancelled

In exclusive breaking news, a KiaSA insider has revealed that the Elders of the Internet have cancelled April Fool’s Day for 2010. “It used to be quite good” said spokesman Neville Most-people-can’t-even-be-bothered-to-find-an-anagram-of-April-Fool-for-names, “organisations would put a bit of effort into carefully crafting humorous yet slightly plausible stories and everyone had a lovely old time. Now you can’t move for people posting any old bollocks; ‘Hatstand elected Prime Minister’, ‘Cheese to be made illegal’, ‘Blizzard to drop World of Warcraft in favour of Hello Kitty Farm Pet World’, ‘Zookeeper headbutted by giraffe’. And the worst thing is half of them turn out to be proper news stories after all, like one of those examples. Yeah. Apparently the EU are totally banning cheese or something, it’s political correctness gone mad.”

The Elders were considering replacing the event with “April Lying Day”, allowing sites to just post stuff that wasn’t true without the burden of trying to be in some way amusing, but were warned off by the copyright lawyers of several major news corporations.

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